Wahab Shittu Pays Tribute to Ibrahim Lamorde, Architectural Mind Behind EFCC

Wahab Shittu Pays Tribute to Ibrahim Lamorde, Architectural Mind Behind EFCC

Wahab Shittu Pays Tribute to Ibrahim Lamorde, Architectural Mind Behind EFCC

Wahab Shittu, a respected Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), has expressed deep sorrow over the death of Ibrahim Lamorde, the former chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). The sad news came on an early Sunday morning as Lamorde passed away in Cairo, Egypt, following a surgery. Shittu, noted for his work within the Nigerian legal field, has lauded Lamorde for his immense contributions to the EFCC and the nation's ongoing fight against corruption.

End of an Era for an Anti-Corruption Pioneer

Ibrahim Lamorde's tenure as the EFCC chairman from 2012 to 2015 was marked by several high-profile investigations and crackdowns on economic and financial crimes. Wahab Shittu emphasized that Lamorde was the 'brain box behind EFCC structures,' highlighting his pivotal role in establishing the operational frameworks that made the EFCC a formidable force against corruption in Nigeria. Shittu's tribute brings into focus the indelible mark Lamorde left on the anti-corruption landscape in Nigeria.

From the Early Days to Leadership

Lamorde commenced his remarkable journey with the EFCC alongside Nuhu Ribadu, the first chairman of the commission. In those early days, Lamorde handled and coordinated field operations with precision and efficiency. His work ethic and dedication significantly strengthened the commission's ability to tackle economic crimes. Lamorde's tenure saw the EFCC transform into a feared entity among those who engaged in corrupt practices and undermined the nation's economic stability.

Shittu's Personal Reflections

Wahab Shittu reflects on his personal interactions with Ibrahim Lamorde, describing him as not just a colleague but a friend. His recounting of their last meeting at Lamorde’s private residence in Abuja paints a picture of a man who, even in retirement, remained warm, engaging, and thoroughly enjoying his well-earned respite. Shittu recalls how they shared light-hearted banter, which now stands as a poignant memory of the man whose career was steeped in service and dedication to his country.

A Legacy of Integrity and Dedication

Shittu's tribute emphasizes Lamorde's qualities: his kindness, gentle demeanor, courtesy, and accessibility. More than these personal traits, Lamorde’s professional legacy is highlighted by his unwavering patriotism. His return to the police force after leaving EFCC, where he rose to the ranks of Assistant Inspector General (AIG) and subsequently Deputy Inspector General (DIG), showcases a career defined by relentless pursuit of integrity and justice.

Remembering Lamorde's Impact

The impact of Ibrahim Lamorde's work with the EFCC cannot be overstated. Under his leadership, the commission's operational structures were not only established but also flourished, setting precedents for subsequent administrations. Lamorde's tenure demonstrated a commitment to upholding the rule of law and ensuring that economic saboteurs were brought to justice, thus safeguarding the nation’s economic interests.

The Broader Context of Anti-Corruption Efforts

Lamorde's contributions must be viewed within the broader context of Nigeria's ongoing fight against corruption. His efforts helped to institutionalize practices and structures that continue to support the EFCC’s mission. As Nigeria grapples with persistent economic challenges, the foundational work done by figures like Lamorde provides a crucial framework for ongoing and future anti-corruption efforts.

The Human Side of a Public Servant

Shittu’s reflections provide a humanizing glimpse into Ibrahim Lamorde beyond his public persona. Lamorde is remembered not just as a stern and effective public servant, but also as a compassionate individual who maintained strong personal relationships. His ability to balance toughness in his professional life with gentleness in his personal interactions left a lasting impression on many, including Wahab Shittu.

A Farewell to an Esteemed Leader

The passing of Ibrahim Lamorde marks the end of an era for the EFCC and Nigeria's law enforcement community. It is a moment to reflect on his contributions and the legacy he leaves behind. For those who knew him personally and those who felt the impact of his work, Lamorde’s memory serves as a reminder of what can be achieved through dedication, integrity, and unwavering commitment to public service.

As the nation mourns the loss of a significant figure in the fight against corruption, it also celebrates the life and work of Ibrahim Lamorde. His efforts have undoubtedly laid down a robust foundation for the continued success of the EFCC and the broader fight against corruption in Nigeria. This tribute by Wahab Shittu not only honors Lamorde's memory but also reinforces the importance of upholding the values he championed throughout his distinguished career.


In conclusion, Wahab Shittu’s heartfelt tribute to Ibrahim Lamorde is a poignant reminder of the immense contributions made by the former EFCC chairman. Lamorde's legacy as a foundational pillar for the EFCC's structures and operations continues to inspire current and future generations of Nigerians dedicated to the fight against corruption. As the nation grieves, it also honors a man whose life and work have left an indelible mark on Nigeria’s journey towards accountability and economic integrity.


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