CNN Political Commentator and Veteran Strategist Alice Stewart Passes Away at 58

CNN Political Commentator and Veteran Strategist Alice Stewart Passes Away at 58

Remembering Alice Stewart: A Stalwart in Politics and Journalism

This weekend, the political and journalistic communities were struck by tragedy with the passing of Alice Stewart, a prominent CNN political commentator. Stewart was discovered outside her Virginia home at the age of 58, with local authorities attributing her death to a medical emergency and ruling out any foul play. An emblem of steadfast dedication and passionate advocacy, Alice Stewart's death marks the end of a distinguished career that significantly impacted American political discourse.

A Lifetime of Contributions

Alice Stewart's foray into the world of politics and journalism earned her respect from allies and opponents alike. Her career spanned several presidential campaigns where she served as a senior communications adviser, including Ted Cruz’s presidential campaigns. In addition to her strategic skills in political campaigns, Stewart worked as a communications director, demonstrating her proficiency in navigating complex political landscapes.

The experience and wisdom Stewart brought to her roles helped shape the narrative and messaging for numerous candidates, significantly influencing public opinion. Her versatile communication abilities found a platform beyond campaigns; she became a respected voice on National Public Radio (NPR), contributing insightful political commentary that resonated with diverse audiences.

Accolades and Admiration

Stewart's contributions to journalism did not go unnoticed. She was an Emmy Award-winning journalist whose reporting and commentary earned her widespread admiration. Her journalistic endeavors were not solely confined to the political realm; she embraced various aspects of reporting, showcasing an avid dedication to upholding journalistic integrity and truth.

One cannot speak of Alice Stewart without mentioning her athletic prowess. An avid runner, Stewart often shared her marathon experiences with her followers on Instagram. Her faithful companion, her dog Sammie, frequently featured in these snapshots of her personal life. This blend of personal and professional transparency endeared her to many, making her a beloved figure both within and outside the media industry.

A Community in Mourning

The news of Stewart's passing brought an outpouring of grief and heartfelt tributes from colleagues and friends. Maria Cardona, her CNN counterpart, remembered Stewart fondly, describing her as a 'sister from opposite ends of the political aisle' with whom she 'debated with respect.' This sentiment highlights Alice Stewart’s ability to engage in meaningful discourse while maintaining a respectful and considerate demeanor.

Veteran CNN journalist Wolf Blitzer also paid tribute, calling Stewart a 'very special person.' Meanwhile, former senator and commentator Rick Santorum praised Stewart as a 'faithful witness to her Savior Jesus,' reflecting on her profound faith and honesty. These recollections showcase the multifaceted nature of Stewart’s life, characterized by professional excellence and personal integrity.

A Lasting Impact

Ted Cruz, whose presidential campaigns Stewart had significantly contributed to, recalled her as a 'wonderful and talented dear friend' who 'loved America fiercely.' This testimony from Cruz, a key figure in intersecting political circles, underscores the indelible mark Stewart left on the American political scene.

Mark Thompson, CNN's CEO, highlighted Stewart’s role within the organization, referring to her as 'a political veteran and an Emmy Award-winning journalist.' He acknowledged the unique spark she brought to CNN’s coverage, which was characterized not only by her sharp political acumen but also her unwavering kindness and approachability.

A Legacy of Kindness and Expertise

Alice Stewart's life and career exemplify a delicate balance between assertive political engagement and compassionate human interaction. Her presence in contentious political arenas, coupled with her consistent civility and respect for opposing viewpoints, serves as an enduring example for current and future generations.

The void left by her passing is palpable, yet the legacy of Alice Stewart will continue to inspire. Her contributions to political strategy, journalism, and public discourse remain etched in the annals of American media history. Stewart’s colleagues, audience, and even those with whom she often engaged in heated debates will miss her insightful, balanced voice.


As we reflect on Alice Stewart’s remarkable journey, we're reminded of the crucial role honest, respectful dialogue plays in democracy. Stewart's dedication, both to her professional endeavors and her personal passion, underlines the significant influence individuals can have irrespective of political divides. Alice Stewart's memory will resonate, revered for her contributions to journalism, politics, and the human spirit. Her legacy is a testament to a life well-lived in service of truth, integrity, and respectful engagement.


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